Comparison Between The Sony RX100 Vi And The Panasonic Zs200 And The Panasonic Zs100

Comparison Between The Sony RX100 Vi And The Panasonic Zs200 And The Panasonic Zs100

I've been a professional photographer for over 30 years and have been doing so my whole life. When it came time to take a vacation to Havana for solely recreational purposes (photography, cigars, and coffee), I decided not to bring my large DSLR with a mid-range zoom lens with me. Instead, I went with the Sony RX100 IV since it was small enough to slip in my pocket and would not generate a commotion.
My RX100V, with its much superior picture quality, zoom, and high-definition video, will continue to be my go-to camera in place of an ancient manual 35mm camera. I mostly use the ZS100 for 4k video and have never had an issue with it shutting down or being overheated before the 15-minute mark. As for energy efficiency, I found it to be pretty good in 30 minutes of 4k video and 190 photographs, with a battery level that dropped to 1 bar, which I thought was fantastic since the battery is rated for 300 shots.
The Sony is just too pricey, at least in terms of my particular use. I spent little more than $300 for a near-mint used zs100, which is probably about a third of what a used Sony will cost when they become available again. The Olympus XA, when used without the flash, is an excellent pocket rangefinder capable of producing excellent slides in full frame 35mm.
If you've ever been inside one, you'll understand how difficult it was to just install an EVF. I purchase a camera as a result of this, but would you purchase this camera regardless of the circumstances? I'd like to see the pop-up viewfinder included in the GR as well. The use of a pop-up EVF has no negative impact on the size of the camera or the optical quality of the EVF.
Whenever you raise the viewfinder, the diopter of the viewfinder adjusts ever so little in the other direction. Unfortunately, both cameras have fixed displays, which means that they cannot be tilted or flipped in any manner. The following is a side-by-side comparison of the rear views of the Panasonic ZS200 and Panasonic ZS100. The front view size comparison of the Panasonic ZS200 and Panasonic ZS100 is shown in the table below. The sensors in the Lumix DC-ZS200 and ZS100 cameras are the same size.
zs200 vs panasonic zs100
I've tried it on my mk IV and it doesn't pop back in or move until I specifically want it to do so. I normally only fold back the viewfinder when I know I won't be using it for an extended period of time. I'm simply giggling at how many people complained when the RX100 series cut the length of its zoom to around 70mm equivalent, claiming that it was more than enough and that only a fool would want it any longer. Because they continue to offer earlier generations of cameras at the same costs without making significant price reductions, the prices of new cameras continue to rise.
When it comes to this market level and customer, the Sony has virtually little to offer. As a result, Sony puts me in a vulnerable position in this regard. If it had been a speedier millimeter, I would have been more willing to upgrade. I returned a FZ1000 that I purchased on sale as a lighter alternative to the RX10M3 and found to be inadequate.
All measurements are given in millimeters, unless otherwise specified. Always keep in mind that the weight of an ILC will vary depending on the lens that you pick at the time of purchase. The following is a front-on physical size comparison of the ZS200 and the ZS100, as seen from the front. The four firmware upgrades include enhanced focusing performance in a variety of various shooting settings, as well as compatibility for Nikon's new FTZ II mount adapter and Nikkor Z mm F4 S lens, both of which were announced earlier this year.
Both the ZS100 and the ZS200 are fixed-lens compact cameras with a one-inch sensor, and both are available in black or white. Sensor resolution is obtained by multiplying the sensor size by the number of effective megapixels. Although it is just slightly greater than the highest picture resolution, which is often indicated on camera specs, it is still a significant improvement.
When you look closely, that "small 1" sensor" is really not that far from from the top Canon APS-C products... The RX100 series is a high-quality POCKET (!) camera that is small and lightweight. Discuss tiny 28mm APS-C sensor fixed lens cameras such as the Fuji X70, Ricoh GR II, and Nikon Coolpix A, and be prepared for someone to not "understand it" and recommend the Leica Q as an alternative. The Olympus combination is clearly not as portable as an RX100, and the picture quality of those phones, and indeed the image quality of all modern smartphones, simply cannot match with an RX100.


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